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Waggy Baths Manassas Virginia dog grooming
Patient dog grooming service puppy, senior, special needs pets.

Waggy Baths

What Pet Owners Say

"easy process"

Maria was SO amazing when handling my blind German Shepherd Jack! She even took the time to book us in the evening ... so she could take her time in getting him taken care of. I am SO grateful to have been able to find someone so patient and so good with my baby! Prices are affordable and it was such an easy process.

Jack's Mom

Blind German Shephard jack was well taken care of at Waggy Baths affordable dog groomer in Manassas

wash & blow dry

Our premium shampoo/conditioner according to your pups hair texture with ear cleaning ,nails clipped/buffing, and a gentle blow dry.

   Small: Up to 20 lbs –

starts at $50.00

Medium: 21 - 40 lbs –

starts at $60.00

Large: 41 - 65 lbs –

starts at $70.00

*For dogs with long hair -

add $5

Call for a quote

for dogs over 65 lbs.

full grooming

Create your own unique package for their specific needs 

Patient nail trimming for puppy, senior, special needs pets.

nail care

A standard nail trim

and buff

$15  (pricing may vary)

Turn it into a paw-fect spa day by adding:

Feet Pads Trim +$10

Paw Balm +$5


Special De-shedding shampoo/conditioner

Small-Med short hair $10-$15

Small-Med Long hair $15-$20

Large short hair $20

Large Long hair $25


More Services

Bathe & Trim
Deep Cleaning
Spa Day
Face trim   ............... $10 - 15*
Feet pads trim .................. $10
Flea bath .............. $12 + Bath
Anal Glands ..................... $10
Ear cleaning ..................... $10
Tooth brush ..................... $10
Medicated bath ............... $10
Blueberry facial scrub ......$5
Paw Balm ............................ $5
Read our Salon Policies
We care deeply for all of our furry friends & specialize in grooming for special needs dogs. 

Pricing may vary due to regularity of visits, temperament of dog, size of dog, and the condition of their coat. Give us a call to get your quote!

Build trust and keep your little one happy, healthy + clean right from the start.

VIP - Very Important  Puppy

Puppies 4 months - 6 months Old

New things can be scary - but they can also be fun! Set your new puppy up for success with a playful, anxiety-free intro to grooming. The earlier you can introduce them to the sights, sounds, and smells of visiting a grooming salon, the better. Plus, preventing fur matting from the beginning is so important.


We recommend bringing your vaccinated pup at 4 months for their first grooming, and then at 5 and 6 months, too. Puppies learn best with lots of positive reinforcement + repetition!


The Waggy Baths Very Important Puppy Package includes a wash, gentle dry, brush, and nail trim. If needed, we also do a face, feet, and sanitary area trim.  

What can you do at home to get your puppy ready for their first grooming?
  1. Play with an old electric toothbrush. The sound and feel of it is similar to our clippers + helps your pup feel more comfortable and relaxed when it's time for a trim.

  2. Play with your puppy's feet + nails. Pet them all over with lots of positive reinforcement - this helps your puppy develop a comfort level with touch and prevents them developing sensitive areas. 

  3. Practice holding your puppy's chin hair to get them ready for having their faces trimmed. Your groomer will want to keep them steady while trimming around their eyes, and holding the chin hair controls some of the movement. Also try passing your fingers in front of their eyes to mimic the scissors trimming this area.

  4. Begin brushing your pup early and regularly. This helps with healthy skin + fur, but also by familiarizing them with the action.

  5. Don't bathe them too often + use a tear-free shampoo. A bath once a month is just fine.

Schedule your pup's first VIP Grooming 

Contact us to get a quote + make your appointment(s)!

Double-Coated Fur Club

Huskies - Goldens - Collies - Shepherds - Shelties
From overheating to over-shedding, you want your double coated dog to be comfortable + your home to be clean.

At Waggy Baths, we don't shave down dogs with double layer coats. The fact is, doing so actually puts your dog at risk for overheating, sunburn, and skin cancer.


Kind of like an insulated tumbler - their fur is designed to keep out both hot and cold temperatures.


Shaving down a husky, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, or any other double coated pup also makes them vulnerable to biting insects and other irritations. Plus, it doesn't reduce shedding. 

How do we help our furry friends stay cool in the heat + reduce excessive shedding?

Regular grooming keeps your dog's fur healthy and naturally effective at maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Similar to human hair, we recommend grooming every 4-6 weeks.

To help combat shedding, we have a de-shedding wash that will help cut down on shedding in your home. If this is done regularly, you should see a significant reduction in shedding at home because the hair is loosened, washed and brushed out while they're here.

Questions? Cool! 

Contact us so we can learn more about your fur baby + recommend a solution.
Double Coats
Maria at Waggy Baths is top rated by the owners of special-needs dogs.

Hi, I'm Maria

My love for animals started at a young age. As I got older, I ventured off into different work fields. Eventually, I joined the Army where I am currently serving. I started working with dogs and I found where I was meant to be all along.


My goal is to gain the trust of my four-legged friends, to where grooming will be an enjoyable process for them, no matter their history with previous groomers.


Their tail will be wagging from when they come in, to when they come home after a spa day.

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